World’s Smallest & Tiniest wireless Keyboard with only 8 Keys

By | January 15, 2015

Worlds smallest wireless Keyboard: with Increasing the technology, there are lot of Modification to the gadgets and getting lot of features with neatly fitted into a small size and looks like smarter and Smarter. Way-Tools Technology has developed a keyboard and named as it to Text-Blade, which we can easily carry to any other place and it looks like Small Blade and we can keep that in our pocket without Knowing that we are carrying the Keyboard (Text-Blade). as we can use it fast for many Messenging Apps. This TextBlade works exactly like a Regular keyboard but it was ultraPortable, and has only 8 keys with having all words and Signs,this gadget also we can call as pocket Keyboard.

8 keys keyboard atoz tech tricks

Its light weight gadget and It weighs only just 40 Grams. The TextBlade is 1/3rd of the size of an iPhone and it was very ultra slim. Its just look like metal and it was in rectangle shaped keyboard opens up to arrange the Keyboard and its having three magnetic stripes.

8 keys keyboard atoz tech tricks 3

These magnetic stripes attaches automatically to create the keyboard and having like wings. The device is compatible with both Android and iOS  operating device and this we can connect through Bluetooth as used as wireless keyboard. The Industry has named its technology and calls it as the ‘Multi Touch Keyboard technology.’

8 keys keyboard atoz tech tricks 2

This is a rechargeable device once we keep full charged it gives you for month. All the keyboard keys are having more space, The eight keys Keyboard squeezed all the alphabets, numbers and other special sign characters and it seems and having like a Normal keyboard. This gadget is having low price that we can available $99 and below.

This text blade industry members saying that the keyboard provides and gives more spacing for the desktop keyboard and its aimed at giving a seamless transition to touch users from fullsized keyboards to a travelling keyboard. It is very easy to use for texting, Messaging etc.., and this company planning about text-blade to be available in all the Languages with in a year. So guys be ready to grad this gadget.

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