How to get free Reliance jio 4g SIM card with unlimited data

By | September 22, 2016

This is a very interesting topic to know how can we get Reliance Jio SIM for free and how to activate unlimited data? Getting Reliance Jio SIM is a bit tricky because this JIO SIM is issued to selected devices with 4G compatibility. Reliance Jio offering unlimited calls, Internet data, HD video calls, you can have access 300+ live TV channels on your Smartphone, 1 crore+ songs and much more. Most of the mobile manufacturing companies are trying to get access for their mobiles. But one thing is common you must need 4G supported devices for sure. The People those who are using 4G mobiles commonly have a question to all the search engines is How to get free Jio SIM and how to get unlimited data for Reliance Jio 4G SIM


List of Samsung Mobiles which are compatible with JIO 4G SIM

The List of Samsung mobiles which are compatible for  Reliance 4G Jio SIM are, All the galaxy J-series mobiles and Samsung A5, A7, A8.  Samsung galaxy Note 4, Note 5, Note 5 Duos and Note edge are also compatible for reliance 4G SIM. Good news for even Samsung users with Galaxy s6, s6 Edge and all S-series Mobiles can also apply for Jio SIM.

List of LG Mobiles

LG mobile owners also have good opportunity to get Reliance Jio 4G SIM, Jio SIM supports few Mobile models in LG they are LG K332 which is also known as K7 LTE mobile, K520DY mobile model supports 4G SIM, LG G5 Smartphone, LG k5001, LG mobile stylus 2 plus or k535D mobile, G4 stylus 4G mobile and the LG70 spirit Smart device these all LG Smartphone support Reliance 4G jio SIM.

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE

All the LYF Mobiles owners can also get the Reliance Jio 4G SIM
If you have any of these Mobile Phones you can get JIO SIM and enjoy using the unlimited calls and Data for three months.
So, now let’s talk about “how to get the SIM?” and “How to activate unlimited data for three months?”

Jio SIM for Samsung Mobiles
As I mentioned above the list of Samsung compatibility mobiles can get Reliance jio SIM with just a few steps, all you need is one bar code and a coupon code. To get this code you need to install “Myjio app” on your smartphones. Now open the app and you are able to see Get JIO SIM on Homescreen. Here you will get a bar code and coupon code which is validated till certain period

You are almost done now; just you need to visit the nearby Reliance store with this barcode, coupon code, and Aadhaar card as an ID proof and address proof to register Jio SIM. You can go to your nearest Reliance Digital or Dx mini store to avail the offer.

How to Activate:Once you got the JIO SIM in your hand, insert the SIM in your Mobile which is eligible and call to 1977 to telephonic verification of your ID and address, after completion of call just open the Myjio app and avail the offer.

Jio SIM for Apple iPhones

As we are discussed how to get Jio SIM for Samsung in above few steps, in the same way, you need to do here as well. You need to download Myjio app from istore to generate barcode to avail the offer. This barcode is for submitting while filling CAF form.


This is the method most of the people are following those who doesn’t have the eligible mobiles for Jio SIM, but those are of 4G compatible mobiles. All you need is to generate just one barcode to submit the nearest store with your ID and address proof. I heard something from few people that Reliance is not allowing this kind of tricks to get Jio SIM, but don’t need to worry if you can manage storekeeper then that’s fine you got SIM. Let’s get started with the trick to get SIM as well as unlimited data calls and messages.

  • Install Myjio app on your Smartphone after the installation done open the app, as you open the app you are recommended to download 10 other jio application, download all those 10 applications.
  • Now turn off your data or Wi-Fi connection which you have used to download this app and close all the apps refresh your mobile phone by clearing the RAM memory.
  • Open Myjio app again then you are able to see “Get Myjio SIM” on Homescreen. Click on it “Get Myjio SIM” you get a notification to turn on your Wi-Fi or data, switch on the internet connection now.
  • Now click again on the “Get Myjio SIM”, Follow the instructions on the screen. If it shows that the SIM is not available in your locality, change it to some nearby city or town.
  • Generate the code and follow the same process as mentioned above to get the SIM

How to get UNLIMITED data?

Once your Reliance SIM got activated there are chances of getting unlimited data or if not you are provided with limited data of 2GB. If that is the case you need to follow few steps to get unlimited data for three months.

  • Uninstall the Myjio app and don’t uninstall all other 10 applications which we have installed earlier for getting Jio SIM card.
  • Download MyJio v3.2.05 apk on your device and follow these steps
  • Sign in with your Jio SIM number, if you don’t have account signup and sign in the back.
  • Turn off all the data and wifi
  • Open the Myjio app and you should see again the same Homescreen “Get Myjio SIM”. Now minimize the app Myjio app and uninstall all the 10 apps.
  • Maximize the Myjio app from task manager and turn on mobile data, not wifi and sign in with the account we have created earlier.
  • A pop-up window opens after the sign in process click on submit, once all the Myjio apps are installed close the app and clear RAM memory.


  • Open Myjio app so now, this time, it gets the auto sign in wait for few seconds to open its functions, you will get a text message that unlimited preview offer is activated.


That’s it guys enjoy the Reliance 4G JIO SIM offers, I hope this article is helpful for those who are looking for help to get JIO SIM and UNLIMITED PREVIEW OFFER. If you need any further information please let us know in comment section below.

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