CES 2015 Awards – The Verge Awards 2015 Tech show

By | January 13, 2015

CES 2015 Innovation Awards Showcase with the New exclusive technology. The Developers ,The Industrial Designers, and Great Engineers of the members are showing the masterminds awesome technology in the International CES 2015 awards Innovation. here the place what you are and what it is exactly you want to be. There Thousands of Companies and thousands of people were participated in this Tech show, The Las Vegas Centers are sighted with huge people.

Here some of the Best Category for the International CES 2015 Awards Tech Show

BEST AUTO TECH 2015: B M W Anti Collision;

BMW demonstrating a new technology system with the anti-Car crashes, When the Car comes to the near object like cars walls and etc…, it gives the alarmed to the driver in the car, the anti collision lock system is very useful for avoid the Accidents. This production was implement for the Future development in next few years

anti collision atoztechtricks.com 2 Collision atozteh


It’s rare you find a balanced marriage between immerse personal reality video, good motion controls, along with a great game thought. Sixense light saber simulation is one marriage. It’s never gonna make it away from the company’s lab


sixense light sabler atoztechtricks 2sixense light sabler atoztechtricks


BEST CAR 2015: Mercedes Benz F-15;

Anywhere near this much could for sure: at some time soon you do not must travel people car. It is going to deal with in which portion available for you. Ideally it won’t have a name since unwieldy for the reason that Mercedes Benz F 015 Extravagance in Motions, nevertheless in essence any devices concerning this futuristic cocoon of any car or truck is worth burning. Their 4 seats confront the other,  in addition to it’s driven by means of hydrogen. The idea possibly modifications its equipment and lighting according to regardless of whether you’re generating the automobile or maybe it’s on its own — this car may be the foreseeable future, in lots of more techniques than one.

mercedesbenz f015 atoztechticks.com 2 mercedesbenz f015 atoztechticks.com 4


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