Rohit Botup holds an Engineering Degree in Civil Engineering, and right now studying  Master’s on Structural Design in Civil Department, While Studying the Bachelors My Passion is to become a good Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Producer, Then I started learning that How to Make Music, From that Time I started using Internet to Learn Music Production.., and Slowly I learned Piano and Disc Jokey DJ.., Usually I always Spend Most of Time to Learn Music Production from Morning to till Mid Night, I Struggled alot and Now I was trained Professionally on the Music Making Software and also I started Making Music Tracks in Electronic House Music.., Really I thought that My Journey Was Started in Music Production and getting good response from Soundcloud, Social Media and also from My friends.., But the Thing is I didn’t get any offers from the Record Labels,  I was Wondering that How can I earn Money with my Music Tracks, I Searched alot and Struggled alot…, Then after I Know that there is Place that there is a Youtube Channel  Partner.., Later I Know that its a place that we can also earn Money with the Watching Videos. I read lot of Articles that How to Make Money from Online, then after I know that Google can Help us to Make Money, and I Produced Many of Tracks and stated Uploading Videos and also Started Making Money through it.., but My Earning are too Low and then started making Remixes, One day unfortunately I got a email from Google that your “Account is Banned” due to the Copyrights. My Hopes.., My Dreams.., everything I felt Like I lost Everything,  But the Great thing, I was Learned from that is I Got a Good Way to Earn Money without any Investment. then after that I starting Blogging as a part time.., in that I failed.., again i started.,  in that also I failed, I failed.., for Many times I failed in Blogging, “But when ever I failed I Learn Lot of Things,  that Makes me to get stronger and Stronger”

And Now the Blogging is a My part of Life, and  my studies are Completed, I searched for jobs but i didn’t get any kind of job, in this Time usually I Make Music and Playing DJ in Clubs and Parties, and my life is going on., in that life Journey I heard that my father was Sick, I Spent few month with my father.., at that time i was concentrated on the Blogging,

The Journey Started in Blogging; for my goodness I got the Job as a Executive Engineer, but I did that job for just few days, I didnt like that work and Left that job, again I planned to study Master, actually the thing is I got Good Opportunity that I got good Merit Rank to get seat in Master but I didn’t use that Opportunity and I used it for small college to study as irregular , Because at that time I was Interested doing Blogging, and I was succeeded in Blogging. for Being Professional Blogger, I Learned SEO and Blogging from Imarn Uddin he is a great and Talented  person in SEO/Blogging, and I learned lot of tips and Tricks to get successful blogger,  I’m best and Now I’m Became a one of the Successful Blogger in Blogosphere.

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